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          Deen Construction Company

          Service from Start to Finish

          At Deen Construction Company, we believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible, regardless how complex the task may seem. We try to avoid subcontractors and outsourcing wherever possible.


          We offer a broad range of in-house services, including:

          • Commercial & residential construction?
          • New construction, renovations & repairs
          • Home improvement & maintenance
          • Bath & kitchen remodeling ?
          • Decks, terraces & balconies
          • Masonry & concrete?
          • Exterior & interior ?finishes
          • Painting
          • and more!

          An Overview of Our Services

          Contact Us

          Deen Construction Company


          5951 NW 151 St

          Suite 201

          Miami Lakes, FL 33014

          Phone: 305.433.7175

          Fax: ? ? 305.433.7551
          Email: info@deenconstruction




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          ? Deen Construction Company